Curatif Cocktails

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Brand Identity and Packaging
Lead Designer
The Company You Keep
Daniel Herrmann-Zoll


       Curatif produces a range of ready-to-drink, bartender-quality cocktails that celebrate the craft of mixology, providing world-class cocktails served from a can – anytime, anywhere. The brief was to communicate quality and luxury, and introduce the market to this new cocktail experience.

The graphic language focuses on the details unique to each cocktail – the crema on an espresso martini, or the orange wedge of a Negroni – and celebrates the whole cocktail experience. I created a unique set of graphic assets for each flavour (including glassware, colour gradient, garnish and brand collaborator logo) true to the experience of that cocktail, and applied them within a consistent design system to tie the range of products together. The simple and understated logomark hides subtle details, like the ‘a’ that seems slightly inebriated. The “Bottle C” insignia is highlighted differently across the range, spotlighting the different liquors used to create each cocktail.

My role was to lead the design and execution of the project from concepting to delivery, working closely with the client and production teams throughout. Credit: Rhys Gorgol, Creative Direction